Tuesday, April 22, 2014

24k day.

Flags for boy's day flying.

Ferns unfurling.
Mt. Ontake
Picnic lunch on the trail.
Convenience store stop.. white fench dressing is popular.
Same breed of dog it seems at every farm we pass. They howl and bark.
Cherry blossoms raining on our heads. 
Straw horse by Japanese farm house.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Making our beds.
My patient fellow hikers have been great about waiting for me to catch up. 
The path is speckled so you can select the correct way.
Mountain vegetable, in season. Delicious.

Bamboo drooping in the rain.

Flailing away. 
Little coffee in these old inns but tomorrow morning we'll all be lined up for the "morning shot", hot out of the vending machine.
None of the guys were interested in the "face" pants.
And another great meal. Oddest dish for us was a horseradish cake with melted cheese on top. Couldn't give it away. Tomorrow is the hardest day...up and down, but mostly up for 24 km. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

More walking

Yo, our guide, helping the cooks....
Easter dinner at Shinchaya our inn for the night.

David, 6'6" and Zuzu, not quite 5', hike at the same speed.

Richard trying to keep everything closed properly..our kimonos were stiffly starched and the overcoats hard to tie.
Closer look at our meal which included wild boar shot with bow and arrow by our chef. Also fried grasshoppers, more "mountain vegetable" and fresh trout.
No mistaking where you wear these.

More along our walk

Dinner last night.

Eel for lunch.
Chestnut candies.
 Sign markers for Nakasendo Way.

Men's room sign.
Woman in cherry orchard. Richard's best photo today.

Bringing up the rear. I'm always last, here with Toshi in the rain.