Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The end of April and the end of an era. Shari and I leave tonight for Wash DC to do the last flavor school for the Lawry's brand. Unilever has sold it to McCormick who will take over on July 1st. This will be my last show certainly for Lawry's...I can't imagine that McCormick would care to continue as they have many shows/productions of their own.

Shari and I have been upgraded on Northwest and so we will benefit by having a breakfast served en route to Minneapolis and likely some kind of dinner between Minni and Wash. Enough to hold us through our marathon pouring exercise tonight. Pouring and capping 750 + samples takes some time - likely about 4 hours. We should finish around 11:00 sleep fast; get up at 5:30 to be ready and at Costco at 7:00. We'll be tired on Friday.

Shari is working hard on Bumble Bee projects and I'm trying to do a test for ampm. What happened to retirement????