Saturday, October 31, 2015

Apartment in Amsterdam.

We rented an apartment in Amsterdam in the museumplatz. It's furnished with the basics which according to this owner include:

A flower vase.

Champagne glasses.

Egg cups.

A papier-mâché wren made of old music sheets.

A bread board and knife.

Teapot and a pastry keeper.
 A Nespresso machine.

A bottle of wine and a huge atlas.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Walk4Hearing Acoustic Neuroma Association

We had a great day for the annual Walk4Hearing fund raising event in San Diego. This year was the first for a local walk; in prior years, San Diegans participated in the Long Beach event. My estimate of the crowd was about 400 people. The weather was splendid and how could you better spend a Sunday morning than walking around Mission Bay saying eh? what's that? I jest, but only a bit, as many were deaf and many half-deaf like me. Fortunately, they had signers for the major instructions and there's some kind of app now available that people were using. I have to find out more about it.

We had a picnic and a short but good support group meeting afterwards. A dozen people were there...two new people and a few regulars. 
Kids, dogs, balloons - everything you need for a festive occasion. 

Our sign marking where our group gathered.

Carlsbad High provided cheer leaders.

Toby - eleven years old, made it around the 5k

A few of our walkers - it was hard to herd them all together for a photo - this is about half the group.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sepia Saturday 303: Reflecting on Halloween

I was unaware of the Halloween and mirror combination. Old Halloween cards often featured the theme. Here's a few I found online to sort of match the prompt.

Looking for a photo with a mirror involved, I found one of my sister yet she is on her wedding day, glancing away from the mirror for a moment. At this point, she had her husband all sewed up, waiting for her in the church so she knew who her lover was going to be. And the day wasn't Halloween, it was earlier in the year - September. She was happy and the wedding was perfect. At this particular moment however, she may have been experiencing cold feet; don't all brides get the last minute jitters? Here's where I insert my corny poem, a la the greeting cards.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Shall I go? Or shall I stall?
Okay, okay...I'll get my veils
Can I come home if all else fails?"

Eilleen and Jim Wedding Day

Halloween in Fallbrook

Halloween scarecrows around Fallbrook.

I can see my reflection in the vacuum cleaner. Makes me feel a bit like Clara Peeters. 

The candy store worked a nutrition message into their display.

I love the string hair and the purple lips.  Good makeup can even make a broom look good.

This was the most original scarecrow of all.

I was taking this picture when a bunch of bikers showed up complaining that "butt crack = plumber" and the FPUD
(Fallbrook Public Utility workers) has been maligned here. 

I love this face with the bee on the nose.

One of my favorites

He has a lovely wide nose, great for sniffing. He could be a wine taster when he isn't conducting the chorale. 

He's also got great ears...."the better to hear you with, my dear"

This poor alien has no nose and no ears. But a lovely shade of green complexion. 

A blue bride...probably getting ready to run. 

I'm not sure about his hat!!


A great ensemble. 

Biggest bosom on the block and interesting legs.

I liked the matching face and beads. 

A lovely lady with a vampirish feel. 

Here's my shadow.

Vincent Van Crow

Great eyelashes on this beauty.

He's kind of creepy and there's a huge mole on his nose. He should be in front of the dermatologist.....but then you look into his eyes.....

And it changes everything. I might be able to overlook the pointed teeth even. 

With the jacket and tie, he's the best dressed of the scarecrow guys. A dude.