Thursday, February 07, 2008


On February 4th, the family had a small gathering to remember Eilleen our sister, wife, mother, friend. The day was stunningly beautiful with bright blue skies and due to the recent rain, we could see all the mountains covered with snow. Right where Eilleen's niche is located, there's a pear tree which was in full bloom. All the white flowers that Eilleen loved so much. We took her some dainty pink roses, lit an incense stick like the Asians do and Dan and Aida brought some fruit from the garden she loved. We all said a few words and Jim said a few prayers. At the cemetery we paid our respects to Scott and Shirley Smart and to Dan's first wife. Afterwards, we went back to the house and had croissant sandwiches from Ralphs along with potato salad and coleslaw. It was nice to spend the time together and just talk and catch up.

Jennifer is doing volunteer work on two fronts - she works on-line trying to catch child predators and she is also a coach/consultant for the La Leche league. She told us a funny story about how she gets her sites going for the child predator work - she has a couple of identities on My Space and while she's chatting and waiting for responses, she answers the on-line questions that come up from the La Leche group. Quite a funny vignette to think about this young mother, taking care of her little brood and at the same time trapping perverts and helping mothers with breast feeding problems. She calls herself the ultimate multi-tasker.