Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Book Club Meeting January

Lumpia, adobo, pancit

This months selection and a bottle of Malbec
Beth and Buster

Laurie saucing her Philippino plate

Susan sizing up the food
Beth and Lennie
Baby back ribs
Pomegranate salad and the table
Everyone was affected by the book. The consensus was that although the stories about trafficked women were horrific, the individual stories were mostly uplifting - the women overcame unbelievable circumstances. The authors spent some time explaining the research regarding what moves people to help or get involved...and concluded that individual stories that one can connect with are most effective tools for securing money, involvement and political action.

Food was good as usual:  Philippino items: pancit, adobo, lumpia; baby back ribs, great bread - stuffed with sour cream and roasted garlic (didn't get a photo), stuffed baby red potatoes, pomegranate salad with walnuts and cheese, cheese and crackers. A couple of bottles of wine were consumed - the Malbec pictured merely got the ball rolling.

A new member, Linda joined our ranks. Hopefully she liked us as much as we liked her. We look forward to seeing her at our next meeting in February. 

Barb's book choices for next month were: Bill Bryson, At Home: A history of Private Live; One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divikarani; The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and The Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton.  We chose One Amazing Thing.  

Grand finale: Beth brought the handsome Buster and spirited Lennie out of their barn into the corral so we could get a look at them. They are beautiful animals.

The absent members were sorely missed. 

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