Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Lapsed Judgement

I reached into my cache of greeting cards to find something to send a friend. For the fiftieth time I shuffled past the three cards, now yellowed with age, that endure as a testament to my temporarily lapsed judgement and common sense.

Here's the birthday card that can never be sent.

Here's the Christmas card......

When I bought these card a dozen years ago in Marlene's Hallmark I thought they were hilarious. As my own rear view "adjusts" with age, I've grown more sensitive to my potential audience. The cards survived my last vicious purge of stuff - I keep them as a sort of touchstone of bad taste.

The third card I bought when my friends were younger; there was little risk in treading on such thin ice. Now I still think it's funny but don't dare send it to anyone.


  1. They all made me laugh, although I feel much like you do about sending them. I find the older I get the less funny I think aging is, although I still laughed. The last one really made me laugh. I'm still laughing.

  2. ditto for me. the last one really cracked me up.
    I have a whole drawer full of cards that I will probably never send. I keep them thinking that some day...
    but each day the cards get more and more out of date.
    If I save them long enough, they'll become valuable as retro cards.