Thursday, May 03, 2012

Book Club Meeting May

We had the pleasure of meeting this month to discuss Keith Richards "Life" in Beth's new office. She has a lovely light-filled space overlooking Main Street.

The meeting started with a bang when Susan crashed in with her huge bottle of Jack Daniels proclaiming, "Long live rock n'roll". Various mind-altering accoutrements were piled on the stash table including- the Giant Jack, a joint and a bottle of champagne.

Reaching for that first drink

Bangers, mash and the essential HP sauce. Keith would love it!

Cheese and crackers getting psychedelic later in the evening

Mind altering substances

Needs no explanation

The fun rolls on!

Everybody enjoyed the read and related in some way to the era Keith describes. Rox revealed that she was actually in the book - included was a picture of a concert that she'd attended.

We talked about how crazy and overwhelming Keith describes the behavior of the young girls. In those days, nobody was prepared for the kind of hysterical adulation that developed for rock stars. Rox told a funny story about the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show when she and her sister were wild with excitement and her sister jumped so vigorously in her chair that she actually broke it!  I'm sure it wasn't the only chair in the U.S.A.  broken that memorable Sunday night.

Memories of those times were shared....Susan described cruising downtown Vacaville in somebody's car or sitting in an orchard listening to Wolfman Jack. Beth D. recalled the wild times in Idaho, filching her Dad's booze a 1/16th of an inch at a time and collecting it until she had a vial full,  then getting "plastered" with the kids in the neighborhood.

Beth D read a passage describing the Stones "exile" in Villefranche, boating to Italy for breakfast, strolling the boulevards, discussing the issues with Gore Vidal. What a life. 

As the grand finale for the fun evening, Beth shared her famous gymnastic maneuver, the double barrel back flip. First she warmed up doing a few stretching exercises - we were put to work making sure the space was cleared, furniture out of the way. She even checked the ceiling height to assure there was enough clearance. I was thinking to myself through the fog of wine and champagne that gymnastics in our condition was not such a smart idea. It all ended well but you have to call Beth for the final  picture as I have promised not to reveal the highly technical details.

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  1. That sounds like the best Book Club group that I have ever heard of! I wished that I lived closer.

    Kathy M.