Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Return of the Peacock

We heard a noise this morning and looked out to see the peacock, back again in all his glory, this time right on the patio. 

Last night, I left a few plastic containers containing small irrigation parts on the patio. The bird was very interested in the containers and the parts, pecking experimentally at them a couple of times. The cats were amazed at first and began stalking but they soon realized the bird had the advantage and pulled back to observation mode. 

"Hello! I'm Buster."

Hello! I'm Pink."
The peacock, quite obviously somebody's pet, seemed relaxed in the company of the cats. I walked out and he didn't appear to be upset by my presence either.  The cats, their legendary curiosity satisfied, actually wandered off and left him alone.
"Oh well, another big bird on the patio. Guess I'll go see what else is going on."

1 comment:

  1. I love the pictures of the cats and the peacocks. I don't think my cats would be so welcoming...and blase. (don't know how to make an accent mark)
    The peacocks at Tumble Creek didn't have owners. I heard that they once did but had been abandoned. They seemed to get along just fine, though.
    They never let me get close to them.