Monday, November 05, 2012

Wilder has a great day

Wilder, our young cousin's dog, has been nudged out of premium position in the household by the arrival of the first child in the family. He's a wonderful little animal and gets along well with the baby, but he really savors the now rare moments when he gets Mom's attention all to himself. Doesn't he look, well...smug?

Wilder is a rescue papillon. Full of pep, he's an indoor-sized dog who enjoys running as hard as he can but also likes snoozing in your lap and having his head scratched.  He appears to be very intelligent and responds to teaching and commands. Wilder may be sturdier than the average papillon and although it's a toy breed, he doesn't seem fragile at all. We've volunteered to be foster parents if they decide they need a break from dogdom for a while. I don't seriously think this will happen - they love him madly.

The breed has magnificent auditory equipment - not only are the ears "butterfly-like" but they operate independently. Wilder will often have one ear up on full alert and the other relaxed...sort of like me, when I cup my good ear to capture sound.

Maybe I'm so attracted to Wilder because of his magnificent ears. Just one of his ears is the same size as his face..wouldn't we look interesting if we were so proportioned? Think of the hearing possibilities!

I heard that! A pin dropped in Temecula.


  1. Great picture of Richard and Wilder.
    Bob M.

  2. what a cutie. If you ever do babysit with Wilder, maybe Tootie could come over and play.