Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bill and Larry

Bill and Larry are getting married. Our friends announced on Facebook that they would be marrying on Sunday in Washington, DC. I thought Larry's words about marriage were lovely.

Bill said, “YES!” and I said, “YES!” . . . so yesterday we went to the DC courthouse at Judiciary Square and applied for a marriage license. The document will be ready for us on Friday.

Come Sunday morning, document in hand, we’ll meet at an undisclosed, somewhat monumental location in Washington, to be legally married.

Although our marriage won’t solve all the world’s problems, it’ll definitely help make the world a better place – and not just for us. Besides making us quite happy, our marriage will add to the stability and strength of our neighborhood, and create new family bonds.

We thank everyone we know and love for their readiness to welcome us into the refining, tempering, stabilizing discipline that marriage is. And a special thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court for helping make this wonderfully good thing possible.


  1. Excellent! Congratulations to your friends. They are deserving of the same joy and misery everybody else is afforded in this great land.

  2. Congratulations to them. I like their words, too.