Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I love my Daddy

At my age, I have to scramble to come up with a list of much I've accomplished over the past two years. Years pass like an eye blink; it seems like only a few weeks ago that this little guy was born. He's my darling second cousin twice removed, by marriage. He just turned two. 

I have things in my refrigerator older than he is. While the stuff in my fridge has barely managed to grow mold or ferment, he has learned to speak in sentences and actually knows many Spanish words. He swims, plays with his garbage trucks, knows the difference between recyclables and regular garbage; understands side-loading and top-loading trucks. Thanks to his parent's consistence guidance, please and thank-you are part of his vocabulary. 

He's made friends in his neighborhood and he seems to know a thing or two about dinosaurs too. His first full sentence was "I love my Daddy" which has secured his father's devotion, not that it was ever in doubt, for eternity. 

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