Friday, October 25, 2013

Sad news and Breakfast Apple Pie

A shock this morning. I opened up one of my favorite blogs written by the Canadian artist, Robert Genn. The piece is entitled "the bomb". His doctor just informed him he has pancreatic cancer and can expect to live about a year. I'm losing a cherished cyberspace friend. Here's the link to his blog entry in which he describes going into action to preserve his art and to work with his daughter on continuing the blog.

The bomb

And last week Vivian Swift whom I've been reading for years announced that her blog has "run out of gas" and she's quitting her weekly posts. She may write once in a while but she's firing herself from the weekly obligation. I can understand it because her blog hasn't so much run out of gas, but exploded from growth. As she began giving water color tutorials the blog entries grew larger and larger and more and more complicated. I'm sure it took her hours to complete one. Anyway, Fridays won't be the same any more.

I've always wanted to try the Breakfast Apple Pie in Marion Cunningham's Breakfast Book which I've been using for years. Our Granny Smith apple tree is almost finished for the year and before the last one got invaded by yellow jackets I decided to make the pie this morning. The only unique thing about the recipe is that you put cornflakes in the bottom of the crust before the apples. Turns out, the corn flakes added nothing to the concoction. They soaked up some of the apple juice and perhaps the bottom crust was better because of this. Flavor was great and we ate a slice with the excellent Dubliner Cheddar Cheese.

I'm still fooling around with Photomatix and tone mapping...these photos got fiddled with. I like the sliced apples in the crust. Not sure about the others.


  1. sliced apples in the crust is lovely...

  2. This pie looks wonderful. Great photos. One of these days I am going to have to share my recipe for apple tart tat in.