Tuesday, March 11, 2014

9 Hours Hotel Kyoto

I'm still looking for hotels in Kyoto which is booked solid for the week we'll be there. This morning there are spaces, and I mean spaces, available at the 9 Hours Hotel. Previously I had reservations at a "hot sheets" hotel - a love hotel which I was able to cancel. This one is Japanese efficiency at the peak...no space wasted so they can offer sleeping space at a very competitive rate -something like $150/night. It's all white, white, white and clean, clean, clean. It does look very much like a space ship. One night might be an interesting but claustrophobic experience, but fortunately we have reservations at a regular hotel. 

"Featuring a spaceship-like atmosphere of clean lines and calm spaces, 9 Hours Kyoto provides unique capsule beds just a 2-minute walk from Kawaramachi Train Station. Completely non-smoking, the hotel has separate floors for men and women.

The custom-designed capsules at 9 Hours Kyoto Teramachi include a light-based alarm clock, specialized pillow and high-grade linens. Room wear and slippers are provided. Showers and toilets are shared, and the hotel offers its own Japan-made toiletries."
Male capsule

Female capsule
Personally, I think the male capsules look superior.


  1. I'm thinking Barbarella...

  2. OMG! The claustrophobia! Who cares how wonderful the linens are.