Sunday, August 03, 2014

Maintaining the old tickers

My husband likes to repair broken things. Taking care of an avocado grove provides ample opportunity as daily there are irrigation breaks and malfunctioning emitters requiring attention. It's always been a priority to keep the irrigation system in tip-top order but now that we are in drought and water is so expensive, the repairs are even more important. Recently we had three major breaks under the asphalt which required a lot of digging to expose the breaks and then a lot of shovel work to refill the holes. "Shovel ready" jobs - we had them! Fortunately Richard was the man with the shovel and was up to the job.
A recent road repair that appears to be suggesting something.

Shoveling is the macro end of his repair interest scale.  On the micro side, he likes to repair watches. These are copy watches from Asia and they don't last terribly long. Because it's raining today (Hallelujah!!), he's stuck inside tinkering around.
 Heap o'watches waiting for adjustments.
 I'm not sure what the pliers are for.
 Teeny tiny little tools.
 The little springs in these watches are barely visible to me. He manages to keep track of them.

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