Thursday, July 23, 2015

Faces in Iran

This is a long telephoto shot...Nadia was waiting for us while we were in a garden. Richard took it and I love the scene he caught: the young, hip Iranian girl with her phone and her hair showing (God forbid) and her casual seat (Nadia loved to perch on window sills or relax on the floor) scrolling through her mail, contrasted with the woman in her traditional garb.

Woman selling incense which wards off the evil eye.

Shopper bazaar Tehran - about 100 degrees

Famous Iranian actor, director at airport.

One of many groups who wanted our photos.

Ice Cream Seller

Figure - Persepolis

Bookbinder - Kerman bazaar.

Nadia in her Girl with the Pearl pose.

Driver in Kerman, not praying - consulting his phone.

Nadia posing for a photojournalist we met. 

Caravanserie worker

Shopper with beautiful scarf. 

Sometimes faces weren't easy to see.

I liked her red high heel, which I bet she kicks up once she gets rid of the chador.

Nadia's sister on the left.


  1. I like the girl with the Pearl pose. Interesting photos. I can't imagine being so covered up in hot temperatures.

  2. These are the best !!!

  3. Would love to have an honest face to face discussion with you about Iran one day, I know you don't do politics but would appreciate your perception and pov.