Friday, June 24, 2016


The heat we experienced was hard on our plants. The plumeria and succulents are the exception - they loved it! At the Grand Heritage, where we had lunch Tuesday, the succulents were gorgeous.

Inspired, I stopped at Marisol's on the way home and strolled through her thousands of succulents,
picking up a few to replenish my pots and continue on my project to replace all my water thirsty
plants with these beauties. 

Grand Tradition bed

This one looked to me like alien hands emerging from the cactus.

 Firestick forests thriving in one section of the nursery. Most of these are taller than me.


  1. Try Rojas Succulents on Alvarado. Much less expensive, very nice woman and selection.

  2. Be very careful with the firestix and euphorbia