Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bite me Albertson's!

I found this hard to believe. "4-Bite Shrimp!" Works out to $64.00 per pound. I guess Albertson's marketing genius's figure we can't multiply and figure this out this outrageous price. In fact, they're right. When given a choice between 50% off, half off, and BOGO (buy one, get one free), consumers pick BOGO. Even though all three offers are the same price per piece. 

Maybe the more traditional but oxymoronic "Jumbo Shrimp" really irritated somebody important in the company. Never bothered me at all - I accepted it fully like many other everyday OM's.  In my unbiased opinion, there's even odds that the awfully good jumbo shrimp is free of freezer burn!

No matter, it's too expensive for me. And whose bite are they talking about? And is this the beginning of a new trend in food quantity measurement? FDA's new nutritional guidelines have been modified at last to be more realistic about serving sizes...the new labels will be kicking in over a three-year period. You can read about the revisions here. Thankfully, I didn't notice "bites" as a new measurement. They've made some very sensible changes and the labels will be easier to understand for most consumers. 

Later that day in Temecula, at the Ricardo Gallery in Temecula, I saw these gaping jaws. I doubt "4 bites" would mean much to this creature!  The whole shrimp display tray, the sign and probably the guy at the Albertson's fish counter could fit into this maw. Call it a "1-Bite" Fish Delight!

Ricardo Garden Art

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