Monday, January 09, 2017

The final Christmas Tableau

Tomorrow the tree goes into the storage box for a year or... who knows how long? This year was the first in four or five that we've been home long enough over the holidays to justify hauling all the stuff out.We liked the tableau of the slightly listing tree, guard cat and skull. I think I've been spending too much time studying Dutch still lifes where every mote of dust or ray of light has meaning. To sum this all up, Christmas is over.
 Cashew sneaking around.

He likes to play on the stairs and be chased, hide, be found, chased. Repeat about 50 times until he finally gives up and sleeps.
He has a new cousin, Quinn Doodle, who lives up north. If they ever meet, it should be a monumental event. 
As Quinn is already somewhat famous, Cashew will have to work on his wardrobe. 
Ready for the Coachella music festival

Ready for anything

Chillin' at home. 

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