Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sepia Saturday 368: Ssssnakes

I have a few snake photos. Where we live in Southern California, they're abundant. We see them frequently. But the fifteen-year-old photo of the snake around my neck was taken in Bali at a touristy view stop. The man was offering snake "feels" for money. I have to say I'm rather ashamed of participating in this, looking back.

My cat Pink plays with the small snakes that slither onto the patio. We discourage this but still, cats are cats and we catch him at it occasionally.

My friend Diep posed with this snake in the Mekong Delta...I can't remember exactly why. I think it
may have been another paid photo-op tourist thing. I was on a food tour with a great bunch of Canadians I bumped into on-line. I had been all set to go on a Vietnam tour with food people from Orange County. Then 9-11 happened and everything was canceled except this Canadian tour in November 2011. I met people in the group who have become friends for life. Diep was so young....since then, she built a tour company, married and divorced a Canadian, established herself in the Montreal food world and is building a village north of Vietnam (this is a long and complex story I can't do justice here).  She is the hardest working person I know.
Once my eye got past the snake in the prompt photo I began to appreciate the beauty of the patterns and looked for similar images. I think it goes well on stockings.

Finally I remembered my husband's cousin's husband who is almost completely tattooed from neck to toe. His back is currently in progress and the image incorporates a couple of snakes. It's a work of art.

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  1. When I saw the prompt picture in its smaller version, I 'saw' the mini skirt and fishnet tights, but didn't notice the snake at first! Then on day I took a closer look. Aaack! But actually I've held a boa constrictor before and they're really quite beautiful and feel satiny and warm - which was surprising.

  2. OK, there's no way I'd hold aa snake on my lap. But I have touched a few, just to find that Gail is right, they are smooth, not at all slimy. But my inner fight/flight response was and still runs and screams at snakes in the wild. I'm very glad I didn't step on the coral snake when I was about 18.

  3. That snake adorning your friend is huge, and I love those snakeskin patterned fishnet stockings!

  4. Somewhere I have a photo of my older daughter with a snake around her neck. She was just a little girl and we were at some demonstration at a zoo. I couldn't find it in time for today's round.

  5. I too never saw the snake in the prompt photograph, with my poor eyesight focussing on the patterns of the skirt and stockings. Snakes don't feature much on my radar in Scotland, though perhaps I must have seen them at zoos. But I have no wish to be any closer to them!

  6. No snakes here in Lanzarote and I’ve only ever seen them in Zoos (that’s the way I like it). I have to say I appreciate the wonderful patterns and that they definitely look best on the snakes themselves, like the one Diep is holding.

  7. Great photos for the theme. Not long ago the Burmese python was accidentally introduced into Florida and has since ravaged the native wildlife, and continues to expand into the southeast. I expect they may soon be here in the Appalachians.