Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sepia Saturday 371: A Grumpy Old Man?

It's the box! As soon as you get rid of the box in the photo, the disgruntled gentleman in the prompt looks a bit happier. My wild guess (with no evidence whatsoever) is the man is a creative soul trapped in a terrible job making wooden boxes all day long. Doesn't the scarf look artistic? Or am I reading too much into it? Without the box, one might imagine he's on the verge of saying something. 

A sketch treatment cleans up some of his wrinkles and makes him look thoughtful and scholarly.

 With the addition of a film strip frame, he looks like a character actor.
 And I think his looks are improved considerably when he's presiding  over the thousand dollar bill.

 I hope he wouldn't be offended by an Instagram alteration of his face...just for a laugh.
Finally, I think he looks very engaged when transported to a place he couldn't in his
wildest dreams have imagined. I really enjoyed putting him here.

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  1. Oh Helen, Helen, Helen. You ARE the funny one. No one will photograph you being the grumpy old woman.

    1. Very funny indeed! Maybe you could have made a few suggestions about what might have been in the box.

  2. Oh, you clever girl you! What a lot of fun!!! And I'll bet you had a lot of fun doing it, too! :)

  3. Helen, you are a genious! (and I can't even spell the word!)

  4. What a fun, inventive post! I am sure you must take the prize for the most original response to the this week's prompt.

  5. really artistic and fun.

  6. Ah, a Sepian who uses photo editing too! Glad to see you did it right up front for us all to enjoy. There are so many sneaky photo-edited pictures out there these days, I did enjoy yours!

  7. You are absolutely right and that’s a good point about context. I woder how often we jump to conclusons when puzzling over a photo, just because of the setting. Made me laugh too!!

  8. Brilliant! Made me laugh to see the $1000 bill. The sketch version definitely adds a new perspective.