Thursday, October 12, 2017

California Avocado Society

What a great time we had on tour with the California Avocado Society in Uruapan, Morelia, Santa Clara del Cobre and Patzcuara Mexico!  I'd like to go back and do it again now that we know the lay of the land...using the CBX crossing, a Mexican airline and we have an overview of these wonderful places to visit. 

Our hotel.... 

 The Cathedral of Morelia.
 Street performers.
 Our guide told us the churches in town were all booked for weekend weddings—one after another. O

 Watched a kind of candy being made.
 Saw lots of folk art..

 There was a parade and a festival that night.
 Enjoyed a cocktail in the very elegant Hotel de Soledad.
 Drank wine from Baja for the first time.

Restaurant LU: Blackberries, cucumbers, crystallized hibiscus, parmesan crisps.

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