Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Myself at 75

 At 75, you don't volunteer for the close-ups. But I liked a recent photo of Nancy, Barbara and myself, cropped myself out and fiddled on Lunapic in an attempt for something acceptable for a new Facebook Home photo. I'm going with the cellphone photo.


  1. Hey Cookie, for some reason I checked into your blog and, as always, find it delightful reading. I hope you and Ricardo are well. We are knee deep into the remodel of our place in Atascadero and hope to be finished and moved in by August. Hope you guys plan to make it to the reunion this year. Much love and keep writing. Bob Brown

  2. I'm on the downhill (?) side of 75, and it's been a year with many ups and I'm hoping 76 levels off better...thanks for sharing your great pics!