Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Concrete pouring and ZouZou

Big day today. We finally got our concrete poured after problems too numerous and tedious to recount. The day was filled with apprehension, confrontation, treachery disappointment. Sounds a little dramatic for concrete pouring nonetheless this situation shows how exaggerated and ridiculous things can get. After pouring once and having to jack hammer out half the job because the concrete set up too quickly, one would think the people involved would learn from the experience- but no. Some of the problems today were repeats of the same things that were done last time. The net of it is that nothing was learned. Same mistakes. We do have concrete but we also have
a big mess to clean up.

The bright spot in the day was the appearance of Tufty and beautiful little kitten. She wandered up from who knows where and sat on the very edge of the concrete apron. People were running all over, machines were grinding and chugging..everything that normally disturbs a cat was going on. She just watched. When I spotted her, I watched her in disbelief for a while and then approached, calling her. She rolled over for a belly scratch and started purring at first contact. Of course we couldn't resist feeding her and getting her some water (it was 100 out) and soon put her inside the house. She acclimated immediately. Richard and I realized that we really can't keep her...if she showed up three months later when we were in the house it would have worked out. We also feared that she was someone's pet so we put the following ad in our local epaper:

Ernest Hemingway referred to his many cats as "love sponges". Apparently a relative of one of these marvelous creatures found it's way to our place today. In the midst of a chaotic concrete pour with people running all over the place, this dainty little cat (about 4 - 5 months) appeared and took a front seat to watch the action. She greeted us, purring and rolling over for a belly scratch. Unable to resist, we offered a little food which was immediately wolfed down. Although she's not critically thin, it was apparent that she hasn't been getting "three squares".

We've had a lot of cats and rarely have we seen one so affectionate and so comfortable with people. We think she must be someone's lost treasure and we want to make sure she gets home. If she doesn't currently have a home, anyone looking for a very beautiful and affectionate kitten should check her out. Call us at 728-0309.

I have a picture to post later....she's a knock-out.

Within minutes we had a message from the fire chief at our local station saying they would take her as the fire cat and official
female mouser for the station. One resume, one job.

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