Friday, September 25, 2009


Today was my first day of physical therapy; educational, interesting and practical information was imparted over the first 60 minute session. My therapist got immediately to the task at hand and started giving me a battery of tests to nail down my specific problems which are gaze stabilization and the wide-stanced limp I've developed to keep upright. I have exercises to work on for both of these problems - simple but so obvious that they didn't even require much explanation. Now if I can just keep my focus on practise, I should be able to improve. Most valuable will be the gaze stabilization for driving when I turn my head quickly to see over my shoulder and check the other lane, I have a bout of dizziness. I'm hoping this can be corrected. It will also help with my parking problems. When I have to back out of a tight space and keep turning my head backwards and then to the front, I get dizzy and have to stop.

Yesterday at the parking lot in the hospital, I parked way off in the corner. By the time my therapy was finished, a big truck had parked in the space opposite meaning that I had to maneurver and manipulate to get out of my space. Of course, as frequently happens in a case like this, someone comes along who wants the space and is waiting. He sat there patiently watching me struggle and finally got out of his car and guided me out. I thanked him and told him I might have been there all day. He just smiled and I'm sure he thought I was just a nutcase who couldn't park.

Once released from the parking space, I drove down almost to San Diego for tile and found I was in the wrong place. To salvage the trip I looked at furniture. I think all the unemployed used car salesmen are now selling furniture. They sidle up and speak in a whisper, telling you they can "talk to the boss" and get a discount because it is a "special day", or "just for you". Talk about your sleaze bag salesmen. I used to get mad when they'd do this and say "what kind of idiot do you think I am" I just smile and nod and let them think I'm buying their baloney. It's almost more fun.

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