Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chicken coop Christmas tree

Warisan chicken coop Christmas tree
Chicken coop Christmas tree
Chicken coops on the job
We had just enough time to squeeze in Christmas Eve dinner at the Warisan restaurant before catching our flight from Bali to Sydney.  A stack of chicken cages painted white and festooned with lights created a unique Christmas tree in their bar.  Thankfully the beautiful Balinese servers were not wearing Santa hats, a sight I find nauseating.  Along the streets through Kuta and Seminyak, people were selling firecrackers which are lit and thrown around (very dangerous) during the evening and particularly at midnight. Clouds were building up on the horizon, making ever-changing silhouettes. For a few seconds someone was kissing Katherine Hepburn's forehead but the scene disintegrated before I could capture it.

Richard had the barramundi and I had a pan-fried scallop and shrimp dish on a bed of asparagus risotto. Both dishes were beautifully served. We finished with a trio of creme brulees - speculoos*, dark chocolate and original. The journey home was long, long, long - 6 hours to Sydney, 3 hour layover and then 14 hours to LA - a couple of hours on luggage and the drive back to Fallbrook.

At home, the cats are busy sniffing our sandals; twitching with excitement as they climb in and out of the suitcases exploring every item with their noses.  We can't sit in a chair - one of them gets there first, circling, purring looking up at us expectantly. They're making us feel guilty for leaving them on the job as watch cats for the duration.

*From the web site:, Belgium has a national cookie (or biscuit as the English say) it is the Speculoos. Originally created for children to celebrate Saint Nicholas day (December 6), the treat is now so popular it is served with coffee in bars and restaurants, used as a flavor in specialty ice creams, and has even inspired a rich butter or paste (similar to a jar of peanut butter.)

Speculoos' comes from the Latin derivative 'species', which means 'spices'. Flavored with mild spices and brown sugar, the cookie finds its appeal in its ability to satisfy the sweet tooth with simplicity. 


  1. Welcome home. Can't wait to get together and hear more.
    The chicken coops make a gorgeous Christmas tree. They don't look too compfy as chicken coops, tho.

  2. Yes....let's have lunch! Speaking of coops did you get a new one for yourself?