Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Not quite the last minute

Leaving today and packing up. As a master procrastinator, I usually manage to have a last minute list a yard long. Because our flight leaves later in the day, I've almost caught up. An unfamiliar panicky feeling starts building up when I stare at the last item crossed off. My God...I'd better start a new list! Richard also suffers from this malady and he will conjure up wonderfully zany last minute things: a trip to the rancho to turn on this or turn off that; a sudden need to set an insect bomb under the house; a pile of clothes for the cleaners. Why not get the car tuned up, get our hair cut and thaw out the freezer?? Shouldn't we cut the cats nails; look up ten more things on-line; return that book to the library? And on and on.

It seems that we have to keep the pressure on or everything will suddenly collapse and we'll slump like deflated balloons into two chairs, unable to get aloft again.

Let's see....I have 15 minutes until we leave -  that should be time enough to iron a blouse, sweep the floor...... clean the oven anyone????

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