Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bacon sundae, lasagna cupcakes

Two interesting food items came to my attention this week. Both are normally sweet desserts and have been re-thought with savory garnishes or fillings:

Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae

 My husband went to Denny's for an early breakfast and noticed a new Maple Bacon Sundae being specially featured as part of their Baconalia Feast. It caught his eye and he brought home the ad for me to see. I found a "buy one, get one free" coupon good until 4/9/11 that you can print out here, if you're interested in trying it:

Lasagna Cupcakes from Heirloom Catering

LASAGNA CUPCAKES are individual sized portions of lasagna that hold their shape after being heated up and can be eaten with your hands! Although the flavors defy traditional recipes, they retain the integrity that any nonna inspires... hand-rolled pasta, fresh cheeses and herbs, seasonal vegetables, humanely raised meats, and organic tomatoes. Pulitzer Prize Winning Food Writer Jonathan Gold calls our Lasagna Cupcakes "the takeout dish of the year", and goes on to say that they "pack more flavor than lasagnas 20 times their size." Don't stop at one flavor, you'll want to try them all! Some of the flavors: 

Roasted Vegetable Caponata and Ricotta
Sage, Brown Butter, and Pumpkin and Smoked Mozzarella
Smoked Mac-n-Cheese
Wild Boar Bolognese and Fresh Mozzarella
Short Rib and Robiola
Lamb Ragu and Fresh Mozzarella


  1. I can't believe dennys is going gourmet.i really want to try the sundae. I'll let you know what I think.
    The mini lasagnas are very cute. But of course anyone who worked at the cake monkey bakery would come up with a cute dish like this.

  2. I want that bacon sundae! I printed out the coupon. When would you like to go? Let's eat lunch there and you and Nancy can write reviews.

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  4. Sorry, ugly typo - their for there, inexcusable...

    I have had great bacon maple donuts in my time but I have a bad feeling that the sunday is going to suck in some way. Ate there a few weeks ago. Not inspiring.

  5. Kathie M10:41 AM

    Lasagne cupcakes? Take me there NOW!
    I actually considered ordering some, until I saw that the shipping was $40.
    I'll just drool onto my keyboard.
    Kathie M

  6. Helen - Why don't you stop by my gallery today and pick up the last burrata and try it?

  7. Follow-up critique- after our trip to Denny's-
    I don't think you liked the sundae quite as much as me, but it was just my kind of gourmet treat! I've been thinking of it ever since. I hope they keep it on the menu.
    Of course, it wouldn't have been quite as good without the scintillating conversation.