Friday, March 18, 2011

Golfing fun

Perfect driving form..straight left arm.
A shot rang out!!

It was the sound of Shari's Prince driver launching her ball down the fairway. It doesn't matter if the ball doesn't go anywhere - the sound is just magnificent. I'm sure the club designers build in this element of  auditory satisfaction. In Shari's case, the ball does go somewhere. She drove 80 to 100 yard shots pretty well straight down all 18 fairways followed by excellent putting. 

As for me, my vintage KMart clubs don't sound nearly as good and I was all over the place. I drove a ball straight into the creek - it started rolling and washing down the creek bed and was going to pass under a bridge. Shari sprinted onto the bridge with her ball retriever in extension mode, squeezed her head through the railings, hung her body over and snagged the ball as it passed beneath. I couldn't believe it...a tour de force if there ever was one. It was that kind of day and a lot of fun. 

Club head blurred by blinding speed. Where are the golf attire make over people??
Miracle ball retrieval
We played the Oaks which is the short course at Lawrence Welk. Yvonne, Shari's Mom and I both  OVERSHOT the green - something neither of us has ever done before. The holes are very short ( few more than 100 yards)  but still we were thrilled to have overshot anything and enjoyed laughing about how far back we should pull for the next hole. 

In the memorable moments department, Shari accomplished a fabulous double bank shot, hitting the side of a concrete water slough, bouncing off and hitting it again, finally on the fourth bounce hitting the green. Bob, Shari's Dad hit a huge propane tank twice and hit and injured a bird. He also landed a terrifically long putt for which the three of us had our backs turned; we had to take his word for it. I hit a power line and also managed to scare a bird or two. I think the birds took a look at us, yawned and kept on pecking away in the middle of the fairway. I suspect they can size you up and figure out what kind of tee shot you're likely to make. In this case, the bird was wrong and I grazed him. I like to think he was OK even though he staggered off the fairway. He probably didn't notice that at the last moment I borrowed Shari's expensive Prince 3 wood and got an extra 15 yards out of the shot. Goes to show that you cannot take your eye off the ball for even a second. 

The course was almost empty and we took our time....5 hours worth. What a bargain for $16.00 each!

Once again, my clubs didn't get stolen. At every opportunity, I leave the old things sitting unattended here or there, hoping they might get pinched so I can buy a new set. With one of those frisbee sized
drivers that make that fabulous sound - thwaaappp!!!!

These clubs belong to an adult male. Apparently stuffed animals in the golf bag are OK for men.

Checking out the light lavender balls.

Driving with vigor!

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  1. Sorry...I'm speechless! I just don't know what to say. I can't relate. I hope we can still be friends.
    Just kidding. Really, I'm glad you're having fun. You probably have trouble relating to my zentangle addiction.