Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Club June

 Our book selection for this month was "Lake of Dreams" by Kim Edwards. Most thought the story was okay - it had a few moments but overall the themes were trite and the writing tedious. The story took place in the beautiful Finger Lakes district in Northern New York state. Here's some photos of what it might look like: 
Canandagua Lake from "I love the FingerLakes"
Seneca Sunset by

The heroine has a love interest who is a glass blower who makes objets, perhaps something like this?

From Glassart5

and the mystery of the story involves a stained glass window......a woman is the central figure in one of them:

Woman at the Beach, sketch for stained glass, Lessing
I hosted the meeting and didn't get many photos unfortunately but there are a few of the group eating. We had a Honey Baked ham, a couple of salads, a lovely vegetable dish, pickled asparagus, sliced watermelon, TJ cookies and chocolate for dessert. Plenty of wine.
Next month's book is "State of Wonder" by Ann Patchett and we are meeting at the library for a change of pace.

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  1. I guess the meal was better than the book... am I right? :D