Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ice Cream: Variations on a Theme

From, Vintage Ice Cream poster
From the Huffpost Weird News:

High-end ice cream is the order of the day at the RM seafood restaurant at Mandalay Bay.

The restaurant offers a 16-flavor dessert challenge where patrons get 16 different one-ounce servings of one-of-a-kind ice creams and have to figure out the name of each flavor. At $18, it's a relative bargain compared to the $1,000 sundae, but what it lacks in expense it makes up for in difficulty, according to head chef Anthony Fusco. "The flavors range from simple infusions with fruits or herbs, spices and seasonings, to some savory flavors," Fusco said. "It's something we have here to express our creativity."Creative is right. The flavors change frequently, but a recent sampling included lavender, chocolate Guinness and even Sriracha, a hot sauce.

"A lot of this is seasonal, depends on what we have coming out of the ground," Fusco said. "And, of course, whatever inspires us through the course of the year." Each person who takes the challenge gets a sheet with 16 circles, arranged four in a row."Everything changes, except vanilla bean," Fusco said. "That's the guide." The taster -- or tasters -- sample each flavor and write down what they think it is. At the end, the waiter corrects the sheet and gives the score.

Flavor challenge at Mandalay Bay

Some odd-ball ice cream art:

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers

Ray Murphy, Chainsaw artist

"Hot with a chance of a later storm", Glue Society of Sydney, Australia

Claus Oldenburg, Dropped Cone, Cologne, Germany

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  1. what a great post. i love the ice cream art work. Claes Oldenberg is one of my favorite artists. Such a great sense of humor and of expanse.
    But taking the ice cream taste test - sounds too hard. I'm exhausted from the color test and the civics test!!