Sunday, July 15, 2012

A colorful visitor

A gorgeous peacock dropped by this evening. We wondered if he might fall through the umbrella - you can see it seriously sagging. Richard heard a couple of sounds, like a truck pulling up to the house and a kind of honking noise, then he saw the bird out back. He stayed about half an hour, looked around and then went on his way. We're hoping he comes back.


  1. I sure miss my old peacocks from my Tumble Creek house. They were real noisy and when they walked across the roof they really made a racket but I still miss them. I hear they're really good at fending off coyotes. If so, they're doubly nice to have around. I hope yours stays.

  2. what a beautiful visitor. I'll bet he'll be welcome anytime.

  3. Our umbrella looks just like that; now I'm wondering what really happened to it, lol.

    We used to live next door to a peacock when we lived out in the country. The screaching in the middle of the night could be scary, but I enjoyed all the feathers that we found.

    Kathy M.