Thursday, July 19, 2012

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

We have tickets for August 16th. The Edinburgh Tattoo is an even bigger spectacle than usual this year because of the Queen's diamond jubilee. In order to get good seats we upgraded to a whisky tasting package....whisky and canapes at the castle before the performance. Although the tasting will be lost on us we'll have to endure it for the good seats.  I'm watching the whole thing on YouTube before hand in case we get plastered and miss something. You can see a BBC production (or a few minutes) here: Edinburgh Tattoo

The McHargue's were originally the Clan Graham of Scotland, but when driven out of Scotland to Ireland, they spelled their name backwards, as "Maharg," to avoid being captured and killed. Over time, the name Maharg evolved into other spellings/verions/septs, such as Meharg, McHarg, McHargue, McIlhagga, McQuarg.

It almost always rains on the tattoo and you sit outdoors so I'm looking for a raincoat in the Graham tartan. 

Graham tartan


  1. Oh, that looks like such fun. The setting is fabulous. That will be quite an experience. Hope it doesn't rain on your parade.

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  3. Have you read Jane Porter's excellent book, The Scottish Chiefs, written in 1810? John De Graham rescued William Wallace at Queensbury. Patrick Graham was the only Scot to fight to the death at the Battle of Dunbar.

    The main thing I got from the book was that everybody hated the Campbells.

  4. I did a quick ancestry search on the McHargue family.
    Heavy concentration in Kentucky, normal life expectancy, 36% of the family engaged in vocation of farming. 23 Confederate service records, 14 Union in the civil war.

  5. I'm so jealous, my husband and I spent two weeks driving around the Highlands of Scotland in September 2009, then 2 days in Edinburgh. Of course, we missed the Military Tattoo. We so desperately want to go back someday!