Friday, December 07, 2012

Cabbage Head

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I have cabbage head at the moment. We watched Cherry Blossoms last night, a beautiful German film about aging, dying, dreams, living in the moment, ungrateful children and Japanese Butoh dancing. The cinematography is worth the price of admission if none of the many other themes ring a bell.

The main character, a widower, while visiting in Tokyo, prepares cabbage rolls for his dreadful, repressed jerk of a son.  My brain strayed from the heavy emotional content of the scene and reverted back to it's "food" setting, a place I seem to have easily cast off since retiring.

Cabbage rolls, eh? In a Proustian second, I was transported to a my sister's kitchen as she reached in the oven and pulled out the old familiar beat-up baking pan tightly packed with meat stuffed rolls nestled side by side. My mouth watered as my attention switched back to the idiot son character in the film, pushing the deliciousness around on his plate, wordlessly but clearly rejecting his father's sentimental gesture. Later the father takes the forlorn cabbage rolls to his Japanese Butoh dancing friend, as different from him as possible, but who gets him as his children cannot, and she physically acts out human cabbage rollness by wrapping them together in her dance tarp.
Humans rolled

This morning I made my quick garden inspection looking for snail damage and noticed how beautiful the ornamental cabbages were with water droplets clinging to their colorful leaves. They looked.....well, delicious. Isn't that twisted?

I planted only a few of these beauties but wish I had planted more. Fortunately I can remedy this lack with a mere touch of a button on Lunapic and turn the lone cabbage into a Kaleidescope.

I wish I could press a button and have instant cabbage rolls, but it'll take a trip to town to buy a
not-so-photogenic head to drag home and start stuffing. 


  1. I wish I could push a button and see that movie. It sounds like my type of film. Very weird. Where in the heck did you see it. It couldn't have been playing anywhere around here. Was it from Netflix?

  2. I want some cabbage rolls...and an ornamental cabbage or two. My old boyfriend used to raise ornamental cabbage. I wasn't into them at the time, tho. I don't know why. Yours is beautiful.
    What's "lunapic"? Have you told me about it? I'll look it up and try it.