Monday, December 24, 2012

Grapefruit at Chateau Marmont

A friend recently posted on Facebook that she'd eaten brunch at Chateau Marmont. Out of curiosity I looked at their breakfast menu. Half a grapefruit is $5.00 and a glass of orange juice is $7.00.
Grapefruit Fallbrook style garnished with passion fruit
I smugly calculated that by eating breakfast at home and not at Chateau Marmont, we save on the side orders alone, $24.00 per day or $8,760.00 per year. Probably even more considering my grapefruit at home is a greater value than the CM as it's often garnished with passion fruit - a twofer.

The Chateau Marmont menu is the first I've seen that states, "Please refrain from taking photographs or smoking". 


  1. It's already Christmas day here in Italy, all the best also to you and family!

  2. The prices are not that bad. I have seen twelve buck orange juice.