Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stockholm - Icy Cold and Red Hot and Colorful

One of the corniest things we've ever done - having a drink in the Ice Bar in Stockholm. I couldn't fathom as a escaped Canadian, that I'd pay for such a freezing experience, but for the four of us together, it was fun. 

Richard looks like some sort of weird priest. I'm straining a smile, hand clutching my $25.00 pomegranate beverage.

Zouzou and Debra stretched up as high as they go, on tiptoes.

People looked like penguins in the smurf ponchos you're given at the entrance. Or members of a strange cult.The glasses are made of ice and stick to your fingers if you don't use the issued gloves.

The next day, window shopping downtown, we found ourselves in a hot situation. Some kind of demonstration and counter-demonstration was on. Nazi's and everyone against the Nazi's. We just stumbled into it. Zouzou was walking along ahead of us when the mounted police began herding everyone in another direction. We got separated but fortunately she has an excellent sense of direction and found her way back to us. 

Earlier that day we ran across some people on a "girl with the dragon tattoo" walking tour. They took our pictures on these oddly colorful chairs. In cool, sophisticated Stockholm, these looked rather strange. The "Lisbeth Salander" apartment building is just behind the trees.

The very cool shopping center, "Mood" has this fashion statement presiding over the front door. Indoors, it's all great design, wonderful shops and up-scale casual food, like pinchos ala San Sebastian. 

Colorful mail boxes in Gamla Stan, old town. Stockholm means "log island". 

We passed by a "secure" area where the personal belongings of 17,000 people running a half marathon were being stored. A sea of blue plastic bags. 

We ended our colorful day at the oldest restaurant in Stockholm, Den Gyldene Freden. In a lovely old building, it's one of Sweden's most well-known restaurants and the oldest restaurant in the world to have the same surroundings.  The surroundings and environment are more or less unchanged since the day the restaurant started in 1722 and it is a unique example of an 18th-century tavern. We enjoyed what else? Swedish meatballs. Richard had a potato pancake with bacon and lingonberries. 


  1. Fascinating! From the brrrrr to the yum!

  2. Those smurf costumes. Pretty hilarious. And all those blue bags. Why do they all have the same bag? Maybe they were given away free or something.
    Those potato pancakes look so delicious. I love those old restaurants that have been
    around forever.