Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hermitage

150,000 works of art on display here with another 150,000 in storage; they say it would 9 years to see the current exhibitions, spending a 40 hour week and taking 6 minutes to look at each item. It's wonderful and overwhelming and exhausting and a peak experience. 

We spent our afternoon in the Hermitage at a near trot rushing agape from place to place under the watchful eye of Alex, our guide for three days in St. Petersburg. He told us how lucky we were to be visiting late in the season. The crowds and lines during the summer are horrible.

Before the museum visit we were fortified with a russian lunch (I envisioned pierogies, borscht and the like). Instead, we stopped at a fast food joint and gulped down a pancake thingie. 

Who cares about food when this kind of splendor is ahead? We would have eaten mud sandwiches if that was the price of admission. 


  1. That looks so wonderful! Maybe next year.
    You two look so cute on those beautiful stairs.

  2. What an interesting juxtaposition - from the modern fast food place to the Hermitage. There should have been a law against it. What a beautiful place. I just can't believe those riches. Wow. I can sure see why the revolution happened.