Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hair Raising

We saw "American Hustle" yesterday. We loved everything about the film: the opening scene with Christian Bale arranging his hair is worth the price of admission. Here's what he says about comb overs: 

"It takes a lot of work, and who do they think they're kidding? That's the great thing and that's what I love about the contradiction with the character, he is this consummate con artist and who does he think he's kidding with that hair? He's kidding nobody." Bale continued, "My advice [for men with bald spots] would probably be to just confess and get rid of that combover ... But I think it's very charming seeing the guys with the comb overs, so all the best to them."

Comb over instructions

As crazy as Christian's movie comb over is - it doesn't compare with the silliness of the real thing. 

When I saw Bradley Cooper's hair in the movie, Emma Thompson's "do" in Saving Mr. Banks came immediately to mind. 

 And speaking of signature hair, here's my little second cousin's darling 2014 calendar cover.

As you can see, he's calmed down some for January, choosing giraffe head-wear to start the New Year. 

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  1. Great! Especially Trump!
    Thanks for the critique of American Hustle. We've been thinking of seeing it but weren't sure.
    Rowan is darling!