Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cat in the Hat birthday party

Rowan and his Mom.
Our little cousin celebrated his third birthday on Saturday. We've rarely been to a party that started that earlier - 10:00 in the morning. Three years olds start early, party hard and quit early, we learned.

Rowan pre-testing the food. "It's okay Mom"
The entertainment was fast and furious. There was a big inflatable thing in the backyard. The kids climbed up and down it relentlessly. We skipped this.

About an hour into the fete, an animal handler appeared and presented a ferret, a pigeon, a bullfrog and the piece de resistance a huge yellow snake named Banana. Everyone got to touch the critters (who wanted to) and there were plenty of wide eyes.
Holding "Banana"
Waiting breathlessly for the animals. My second favorite moment. 

Jennifer and friends
Enjoying the pigeon

After all that excitement, we were treated to fruit, bagels, mimosas (for the parents) and coffee.
I got a thing 2 cupcake

That's when the fire truck pulled up. Wow...we got to see the hoses, the nozzles, the dials and the firemen. 

Add one blueberry to each eye and a grape to the nose.

Plenty of little boys were awe struck. So was I.

I'd forgotten how much pleasure you can get from a three year old's company. I put one blueberry in each of Dr. Seusses' eyes and you'd think I was a combination of Albert Einstein and Michelangelo. Everyone should have a three year audience, once a week - it's great for the ego.

Favorite moment - with Liam.

Opening our gift - a make your own monster puppet kit. I want one (for the cat). 

Every second got recorded.

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