Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cashew - First Birthday

Cashew celebrated his first birthday last week. The cats acted as if they knew something was up - but nothing was; we served no liver cake or special food. The little guy likes his Fancy Feast and hasn't yet discovered that we, the big people, are eating something different and we'd like to keep it like that. He eats his share of the FF and heads straight for bed where he does a cursory clean-up and conks out for 16 or 18 hours. His only shortcoming is in the grooming department; he needs a little assistance with his bottom from time to time (is this TMI?) but he's gradually improved; since he's been going outdoors for part of the day, he does a better job of clean up. Pink, the older cat, tolerates Cashew, and sometimes they even play together as in the birthday photo below. 

Birthday portrait: Pink and Cashew's wild party
He watches the TV screen - tracks light lines or objects moving quickly across the screen.

Cashew had great bathroom manners from his first day home. Never had an accident.

This photo was taken before he made his debut outdoors.

This looks like play but Pink is attempting to escape.

After the party, Pink couldn't do anything with his tail.

Cashew has learned to climb a small apple tree half-way and drops out of it to the ground.

After the party was over, Pink couldn't do anything with his tail!!


  1. Happy birthday, Cashew.
    Where'd you get that cat-shaped cabinet door? I want one !