Friday, April 24, 2015

Sepia Saturday 276: Naked Truth on parade.

Prompt information: Newlyweds. Babies. Newlyweds and babies. Babies and newlyweds. Cradles. Women with astonishing hairdo's.You might also want to consider book covers as well. Our theme image for Sepia Saturday 276 can accommodate all of these things as we visit the on-line archives of the Virginia Commonwealth Library.  
Eilleen at 9 months.
I chose babies this week as I have plenty of baby pictures in the photo albums. Above is my sister at nine months. My stash consists mostly of happy, gurgling, sweet babies. The most interesting illustrated baby depictions on the prompt, in my opinion, are the ones of the screaming baby with the single tooth. I love the way the cartoonists indicated stress by surrounding the faces with water droplets.The cartoon faces of the non-screaming baby are quite menacing on close examination...the child looks like a scary 50-year-old man in some of the drawings.

Remember when these nude photos were all the rage? I don't think it's done any longer.

My nude photo at 10 months. 

My photo was inserted in my Baby Book so I added these book scans, as book covers were suggested takes on the theme.

First page.

My baby book.

I searched for cartoon babies and didn't find anything I liked. But I did run across this live baby that seems almost as mad as the cartoon babies on the prompt. All he needs is water droplets flying off his head.

I tried to find a program which would allow me to sketch on the image, but nothing worked very well. I settled for a photoFunia treatment showing the screaming child being carefully drawn. The imaginary artist would have to have imaginary nerves of steel. 

Finally I found these babies matched with cartoons which I thought amusing.
Cindy Loo Who

Jake looks like Charlie Brown

Jones looks like Popeye

Sammy looks like Marshmallow Man

Rush on over to sepiasaturday for tales of super hair does and screaming kids. 


  1. Gee Helen, now we can all say we've seen you naked.
    And oh those baby-look-alikes are hilarious.

  2. Loved the baby look-a-likes! Very cute. I have nude baby pix of my first & second born kiddos. Somehow I missed the third one & she's perfectly happy with that.

  3. I have a photo of my late father as a naked baby in 1921. Yes, it was more popular in the past, but not so now - thank goodness. That said, you were a particularly cute baby:)

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Well you did have fun with this post. You livened up the baby scene quite a bit. Thanks.

  5. Very clever! The first box cameras available to the public probably took a lot of naked baby photos that professional photo studio had never considered proper.

  6. I'm not showing my nude baby photo ... it's a little more revealing than yours!

  7. Some day when you are here I'll have to show you a picture of my husband's baby picture. Naked, on a sheep skin, wearing a terrible frown. Then, of course there is the one of me at a few months, in a diaper and holding an unlit cigar. (My dad thought that was funny.)

  8. Nudes and funny look alikes --- what a combination! But I must say the nudies were very nice and artful.

  9. I agree that the cartoon baby is scary-looking, but you and your sister are very cute, as are the look-alikes.