Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parks and Recreation

This notice was on the bulletin board at the Balboa Park location of the San Diego Park and Recreation Department where I went to purchase a picnic permit for a fund-raising walk. It appears to have been typed on a typewriter (pre-computer) and as you can see by the pin holes (poor thing has been stabbed over a hundred times), it's been moved often; had it's ups and downs, as it were.  My guess is that these instructions pre-date 9/11; the actions listed are perfectly sound if a bit incomplete.

You have to commend the Admin for saving paper.

Current instructions from the Department of Homeland Security include to note accents; whether male or female voices; peculiarities of voice. They tell you not to hang the phone up EVER until the investigators tell you to do so. They tell you to ask the caller WHY? - the purpose being to keep the caller on the line as long as possible; ask the caller's name and address. DHA has published a check-list which should be on the desk of anyone answering the phone associated with a public place.  

 The Parks and Recreation building. 
In back of the building, a gorgeous series of arches and pergolas created shady spots to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather. There was not a soul in sight. 
While I was there, I decided to follow one of the many walk routes around the park and stopped to admire the murals. 

 The eyes was my favorite mural. 

The World Beat Center was closed, as was the Children's Ethno Botany garden  (probably no cool people show up on Mondays), which has many names and is plastered with all manner of signs. The Beat Center offers Djembe drumming classes, Tribal style belly dancing, Samba performance and Dumbek drumming, if you're interested. If I lived closer I might try one of the drumming classes to see the effect it might have on my tinnitus - for worse or better?

Didn't get any Kombucha. They seemed to be heavily promoting the Living Tea Brewing Company which is in Oceanside. 

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  1. Balboa Park is my favorite place in the world. Maybe not these particular spots,tho. Not that they aren't nice!