Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where's Diep?

Diep was very busy this year in Vietnam in the village, Pu Bin, working on her homestay, her cookbook and other projects. She recently spent some time updating the food and menus on her company's cruise boat in Ha Long Bay. And having her picture taken.
Here she is with her group working in Pu Bin. In addition to the homestays, they have built a school and are working to improve the situation for women in this semi-remote area, teaching them skills associated with operating the home stay, preparing food, sanitation and working on a line of spices and seasonings that Diep will be marketing. 

Diep is back in Montreal I just learned, working on organizing tours for later this year and on into 2016 and giving cooking demos. Here's two sample pictures which will appear in her cookbook. We're hoping she comes down to eat avocados (she loves them), have a rest and cook with us soon. 
Courtesy of Le Thi To Diep, Flavours of Vietnam

Courtesy of Le Thi To Diep, Flavours of Vietnam

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