Monday, October 26, 2015

Walk4Hearing Acoustic Neuroma Association

We had a great day for the annual Walk4Hearing fund raising event in San Diego. This year was the first for a local walk; in prior years, San Diegans participated in the Long Beach event. My estimate of the crowd was about 400 people. The weather was splendid and how could you better spend a Sunday morning than walking around Mission Bay saying eh? what's that? I jest, but only a bit, as many were deaf and many half-deaf like me. Fortunately, they had signers for the major instructions and there's some kind of app now available that people were using. I have to find out more about it.

We had a picnic and a short but good support group meeting afterwards. A dozen people were there...two new people and a few regulars. 
Kids, dogs, balloons - everything you need for a festive occasion. 

Our sign marking where our group gathered.

Carlsbad High provided cheer leaders.

Toby - eleven years old, made it around the 5k

A few of our walkers - it was hard to herd them all together for a photo - this is about half the group.

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