Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween in Fallbrook

Halloween scarecrows around Fallbrook.

I can see my reflection in the vacuum cleaner. Makes me feel a bit like Clara Peeters. 

The candy store worked a nutrition message into their display.

I love the string hair and the purple lips.  Good makeup can even make a broom look good.

This was the most original scarecrow of all.

I was taking this picture when a bunch of bikers showed up complaining that "butt crack = plumber" and the FPUD
(Fallbrook Public Utility workers) has been maligned here. 

I love this face with the bee on the nose.

One of my favorites

He has a lovely wide nose, great for sniffing. He could be a wine taster when he isn't conducting the chorale. 

He's also got great ears...."the better to hear you with, my dear"

This poor alien has no nose and no ears. But a lovely shade of green complexion. 

A blue bride...probably getting ready to run. 

I'm not sure about his hat!!


A great ensemble. 

Biggest bosom on the block and interesting legs.

I liked the matching face and beads. 

A lovely lady with a vampirish feel. 

Here's my shadow.

Vincent Van Crow

Great eyelashes on this beauty.

He's kind of creepy and there's a huge mole on his nose. He should be in front of the dermatologist.....but then you look into his eyes.....

And it changes everything. I might be able to overlook the pointed teeth even. 

With the jacket and tie, he's the best dressed of the scarecrow guys. A dude.

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