Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lome, Togo

Isaac, our tour leader, gave us the run-down on Togo before we arrived at his Ewe village. The best tour of the lot, it was organized by a woman from Carlsbad who spent hours on the internet screening tour companies until she unearthed one to take us to us to an authentic village, cost be damned. It was the first place we've been where people enjoyed having photos taken with us as we walked around the fields a bit and admired the pineapple growing's the main cash crop at the moment. 

The kids were adorable, the people performed their burial dance and we saw a voodoo priest, who did a lot of mojo with shells and basically told a fortune. Best part was the drumming. 

Front view of me and small boy. He was wearing Calvin Klein undershorts which were too big. He'd walk 5 steps and they'd fall down below his little butt, then he'd hitch them up. He held onto my hand for a while which meant he had to hitch with his elbow. Below see back view where the little boys are using my red camera to take this photo. 

The kids loved the camera and enjoyed taking our photos. sorry about my butt...a view I would normally delete but thank goodness for the loose African pants. 

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  1. What's wrong with your butt? It looks fine, especially with the beautiful colorful design! Did you notice you mentioned "butt" twice in this blog? Not that it was bad. Loved the story about the Calvin Klein shorts.