Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muchenje Camp, Botswana

A lovely day at Muchenje camp in Botswana. Everyone woke up feeling fine. The baboons took the night off, the cicadas were quiet and even the early morning bird, who pecks at our window, woke up late or called in sick.
Some started the day leaning forward as far as possible.
Paul,our guide,with a couple of the village kids.
Last night's sunset from the lodge complete with communal fire.

Enjoying a sundowner, last evening, with two Swiss lawyers who are hiding in the back.
Iconic tree with Eagles perched in it, enjoying the cooling air.
A "Paul" lecture on some aspect of African culture or the environment.

Elegant woman from the works coop posing with me.

Three beauties sitting by the side of the road.

Women's coop....the ladies make woven baskets and necklaces.


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  1. I couldn't find the two Swiss lawyers...were they with Waldo?
    Paul sure is handsome!