Sunday, February 14, 2016

Field Trip: Oceanside Farmer's Market

Barbara and I both have trouble driving and talking at the same time. Since the advent of my acoustic neuroma, I'm not as good at driving as I was, even when alone in the car.  When the two of us are together, this is what it looks like.....
For our recent field trip to the Oceanside Farmer's market, Nancy took the wheel and got us there safely. Barbara and I don't have these sunglasses but I think we should get a couple of pairs.

The weather was fine in Oceanside and there was a decent turnout of vendors selling the usual, handmade purses, and clothes.

This jewelry made from antique typewriter keys was very original.
There were several boutique food manufacturers:

Including George Petrou, 94-year-old seller of Greek olives, olive oil and feta cheese. 
George and Nancy
In his former life, he was a dress designer of some renown in Hollywood and designed clothing for Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, to name a few of his accomplishments. He had his press clippings in the booth you can browse through.

As we left his booth he gestured to Nancy and Barbara as they walked away and mentioned to me, "They look like models! And then he added kindly "You all look good." 

Looking like models
We grazed a bit longer and then chose a lunch from the vendors. Nancy and I shared a crepe; Barbara chose a taco. We picnicked on the street and tarried a bit too long missing the book sale. Now we have an excuse for another field trip. 

The meticulous crepe maker

Like the senior citizens we've come, we spent a few minutes discussing hearing aids. I'm the only one with them at the moment and Barbara talked about trying a pair out for a few days and finding them itchy and uncomfortable. I mentioned that they take some getting used to and I said,"It's like wearing know how they feel horrible and then you gradually get used to them." "Thongs!" exclaimed Barbara with a look of horror and I realized I'd once again called "flip-flops" by the incorrect name. Sorry about that.
Cartoon by Dan Reynolds

After we ate, we took a walk to the beach and looked at the storm damage, then watched a crazy skateboarder, without any protection, attempting dangerous tricks. He took a couple of bad falls (they would have killed me) but he picked himself up and tried again much to the delight of the photographers waiting to catch one of those moments on film.

We had a great day!

Trying out my telephoto lens.

Skateboarder and photographer

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  1. Perfect rendition of our perfect day! We have to get some of those sunglasses!
    That thong cartoon made me laugh out loud,
    probably like I did when you said it!