Sunday, February 21, 2016

Music in Mind

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On Saturday, we attended the San Diego Symphony event, Music in Mind, which was fascinating. Before the performance of Beethoven's Pastorale, Dr. Charles Limb and Dr. Nina Kraus gave a presentation on hearing and sound. Dr. Limb has given several Ted Talks on the subject which you can listen to here:
Charles Limb Ted Talk

There was a presentation of Aphasia, a visual performance of an electronic composition, which was amazing to watch and so perfect for the talk about sound and meaning. Here's one performance I found on Youtube, so you can get the's a bunch of crazy sounds so turn down your volume if you're in the office. 

The lobby of the concert hall was very crowded with otolaryngologists attending a conference this week in San Diego. We worked with the Hearing Loss Association handing out pamphlets and generally shouting to each other...the two people from the Hearing Loss Association are, as expected, deaf and equipped with different levels of hearing assistance. Fortunately, everyone was able to laugh about our situations between shouting bouts. Nanci has a cochlear implant which appeared to be very successful. The other individual has regular hearing aids. One of the otolaryngologists told us he was very confident his research into stem cells and nerve replacement would be providing assistance to tinnitus sufferers and certain kinds of deafness. Bring it on!!! We're ready. 

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Preview YouTube video Aphasia (Mark Applebaum) - Laurin Friedland, percussion - December 2014

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