Monday, March 27, 2017

Illustrated Books

" For frolicking along the shoreline where text and image combine to produce something which is a pleasure to look at as well as read, you can't beat a physical book."
Alan Burnet, News From Nowhere

I recently acquired a copy of GB Shaw's Man and Superman from the bottom shelf. The binding is beautiful, most of the pages illustrated by Charles Mozley. Although I've read a bit of the two forwards, I purchased it to hold and feel. Most everything I wish to read, I get on-line and while on-line reading is convenient in every way, nothing can replace the feel of a book. Especially an illustrated book....

I decided I'm going to divest myself of all my ordinary books and replace them with classics or books that are "pleasant to look at" or leaf through. 

Perhaps I'm the last person on earth to catch on to the current state of publishing. 

Thinking back to the last book, actual book, I purchased, it's Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores by Bob Eckstein. 

The heavy cover lifts up as in up and down, instead of right to left. 

Each page, nicely illustrated, has the front inside cover in view. It's very nice to thumb through. I'm reminded a bit of a children's book. 

One of the books I uncovered in my assessment of our book shelves is Richard's copy of Through the Looking Glass, 1946 edition. I checked it out on EBay at about $85.00, but his copy has a little water damage. I don't think he'd part with it for any price. 

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  1. what a great goal - to only keep illustrated, wonderful books. Now that my carpeting is in,I've been re shelving all my books and it's been so much fun to look at each and every one of my treasures. I gave away about 20 boxes of the not so great ones.