Friday, March 17, 2017

Sepia Saturday 359: Pluto Water

Who doesn't love Louis Armstrong? As I read about his interesting life I discovered he was a devotee of Pluto water (1). Close examination of the prompt photo revealed a bottle sitting on the edge of his dressing table. Mr. Armstrong loved to eat and he frequently gained a lot of weight. He believed Pluto water was an aid to dieting. So devoted was he to the product that he frequently signed his letters, "Pluto Wateringly yours,"

The below photo, which is the best match that popped into my head, is from the excellent blog, "Spitalfield's Life." The gentleman in the photo is Aaron Biber, London's oldest barber as of June 2012. He died a year and a half later in November 2013. If you've never read Spitalfield's Life, have a look. The Gentle Author has committed to writing every day for ten years about her neighborhood in London. 

The pictures taped on the wall and the collection of items on the counters are similar. The two men, world's apart, shared much in common: a poverty-stricken childhood, absence of a father and pride in their chosen professions. 
Aaron Biber,, 6/07/2012

And finally, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to post my favorite reflection photo . . .  my sister on her wedding day.

(1)From Wikipedia: Pluto Water was a trademark for a strongly laxative natural water product which was very popular in the United States in the early 20th century. The water's high native content of mineral salts generally made it effective within one hour of ingestion, a fact the company emphasized in their promotional literature.


  1. Never heard of Pluto water. sounds downright awful. Beautiful photo of your sister and her pretty wedding dress.

  2. Aaron Biber is a nice match to the prompt! Your sister is lovely in the photo and her dress is beautiful. I'd never heard of Pluto Water either. I suppose that'd be one way to keep weight off . . . though a rather unhealthy one. Nero had other ideas about that . . .

  3. Yes! Spitalfield is a terrific website. Every Community Should Have One!I notice Aaron was a West Ham United supporter...who are a cut above the rest..... !

  4. I follow Spitalfield Life too! Great for Sepians. That photo of your sister is beautiful, but I think I’d avoid Pluto Water at all costs!

  5. How interesting about the Pluto Water! This site is such a treasure of trivia, though I guess if I were using it I wouldn't consider it trivial at all.

    1. I didn't mean to imply any triviality about the author of the site, to be sure!

  6. I too had never heard of Pluto water, but it sounds horrible!

  7. I too had never heard of Pluto water, but it sounds horrible!

  8. I noticed the Pluto Water but didn't proceed to look it up. I wonder if it was called that becasuse it tasted 'out of this world'? There seems to be an ongoing debate as to whether Pluto is a planet or just a moon. Regardless, the idea of laxative water doesn't sound very pleasant.

  9. Very clever! I looked up the Satchmo's photo last week and read about the Pluto Water too. I considered a story about a photo with a strange connection to an 1880s Doctor's magic elixir. Another time maybe.